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Qualified Legal Guidance to Modify Your Court Order

Need to Change a Court Order?

Get Legal Representation to Modify an Existing Court Order for Support, Visitation, Custody or Relocation

At Claery & Hammond, LLP, we can help you to get an existing court order modified. Once a judgment has been made by the court, even if you and your former spouse agree upon a change, you must get any modification approved by the court. There are a number of issues that could make it necessary to change a court order.

Don't take any chances, as if you fail to adhere to a divorce judgment, you could face legal problems, including being charged with contempt of court, facing wage garnishment or other collection actions that are possible in the State of California.

Modifications of Child Support Orders

There are many issues that could require a change in child support. These can include a loss of employment, reduced wages, increased wages, or the child reaching an age in which they need more support for college or other activities. Health issues can also impact the amount necessary to get in support. Whether you are the parent receiving support or you pay support, if you need to change any aspect of your child support payments, get help from our firm.

Spousal Support Changes

If you have been ordered to pay alimony or spousal support, and you are no longer able to make the payments due to circumstances in your life, you need to get help from our firm to get the matter resolved. If you don't pay, you can be subject to a variety of legal actions that are expensive, stressful and unnecessary. Although the court is fairly strict about making these changes, with our help you increase the chances of a positive outcome. You will have to show a significant change in circumstances to have your spousal support order changed. Come and see us or call us to discuss your issue.

Visitation and Custody

There are cases in which the parent that has physical custody of a child or children and are no longer in a position to care for them, either due to illness, addiction to drugs or alcohol, criminal activities, abuse or other matter. In such cases, it is crucial that action is taken to get the court to change the custody order so that the children are safe from danger and cared for properly. We can help you present a case for changes in child custody. If the other parent has failed to allow you the court ordered access to your children in visitation, and continues to offer excuses as to why you cannot see your children, you can take action in court.

Lawmakers and judges are concerned with protecting parental rights. A parent that continues to violate a visitation order can face legal repercussions including losing physical custody if they have a long history of doing so. We can help bring any such matter to the court's attention and to seek a modification.

Need to Relocate?

Moving to another state or country is likely to require approved by the court. The judge is focused on the best interests of the children, but will also consider matters such as career, access to family and options for resolution of custody and visitation for those who are planning to move away. If you are considering moving, or the other parent of your children has plans to move, you should discuss this matter with our California divorce lawyer so that you know you options.

Get help from our legal team at Claery & Hammond, LLP if you need to change a court order.

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