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Lawyers Handling California Restraining Orders

If you or someone in your household has been threatened, harassed, or otherwise placed in immediate danger of sustaining harm in California, you should speak to an attorney at our firm about the possibility of a restraining order.  A restraining order is an order made by the court to protect a person from physical pain or injury or the threat of pain or injury.  Restraining orders are often issued against family members or household members, including husbands, wives, parents, roommates, or people who have recently dated.  A restraining order basically tells a person to stop hurting, hitting, threatening, or harming another person, and orders them to stay away from places where the victim might be (their home, school, or place of work).  If a person violates the terms of the restraining order, they can be arrested and may face criminal charges. 

When trying to get a restraining order placed against another person in California, there are many different legal actions that must be taken, beginning with preparing the appropriate documents.  There are many forms that will need to be completed and filed, and a California family attorney will help you through this process.  Legal matters like restraining orders can be complicated and confusing for those with no formal legal training, so it will be very beneficial to you and the speed of your case to hire a lawyer to handle the situation. 

Not only will your attorney prepare the necessary documents for you, but they will also be able to provide you with legal advice and guidance.  Unlike some document preparation services in California, where the service provider is legally unable to give advice, a lawyer from our firm will be there to answer any questions you may have about the restraining order and will provide you with unyielding legal support during the entire process, and in the future should it become necessary.

For assistance with a restraining order, contact a California document preparation attorney at Claery & Hammond, LLP today!

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