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California Family Law Document Preparation Service

Attorneys Preparing Ex Parte Documents

At Claery & Hammond, LLP, our attorneys provide exceptional document preparation services to individuals and families throughout California needing help with ex parte documents. Ex parte refers to a motion or petition by or for one party. An ex parte judicial proceeding is one where the opposing party has not received notice and is not present. This is an exception to the usual rule of court procedure and due process rights that both parties must be present at any argument before a judge. Ex parte hearings, petitions, or motions are usually temporary orders, such as a restraining orders or temporary custody, pending a formal hearing or an emergency request for a continuance. Most jurisdictions require at least a good faith effort to notify the opposing lawyer of the time and place of any ex parte hearing, but the hearing can continue even in the absence of the other party involved.

Ex parte judicial proceedings are usually reserved for urgent matters where requiring notice would subject one party to irreparable harm. For example, a person suffering abuse at the hands of a spouse or significant other may seek ex parte a Temporary Restraining Order from a court, directing the alleged abuser to stay away from him or her. Ex parte judicial proceedings are also used to stop irreparable injury to property. If your situation warrants an ex parte judicial proceeding, a California family lawyer from our firm will help you file the appropriate documents to facilitate this process.

Some individuals neglect to hire lawyers to prepare their legal documents, and in doing this they can do irreparable damage to their cases. Preparing and filing ex parte documents in California will take a good amount of legal knowledge and training, both of which will be provided by your attorney. With legal support and guidance from an experienced California document preparation lawyer, you can rest assured knowing your ex parte documents are being prepared accurately and effectively.

If you would like help preparing ex parte documents, contact a California family attorney at Claery & Hammond, LLP!

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