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California Family Law Document Preparation Service

Attorneys Helping Prepare Child Support Documents

When dealing with a family legal issue as complex as child support, you are likely to encounter many obstacles, including child support documents.  There are many different types of documents that must be prepared and filed in cases involving child support, and it helps a great deal to have a lawyer assist you with this.  A California family lawyer from our firm can help you prepare virtually any document that may be needed for situations involving child support, including:

  • Forms to set up support with a petition for custody and support of minor children
  • Forms to set up or change a support order by agreement
  • Forms to change your child support when support is based on presumed income
  • Forms to set up or change a support order with an order to show cause or notice of motion
  • Forms to change a support order using a simplified motion
  • Forms to answer papers you were served with a governmental motion/order to show cause
  • Forms to answer papers you were served with an order to show cause/motion
  • Forms to get a wage assignment
  • Form to delay or end a wage assignment
  • Forms to answer papers you were served with a simplified motion
  • Forms to answer papers you were served asking for an earnings assignment

Whether you are a parent trying to hold the other parent accountable for child support, or are trying to get your child support payment amount reduced because of unemployment or other extenuating circumstances, a California family law attorney will prepare the document that is suitable for your situation. 

If you would like an experienced legal professional to help you prepare child support documents, contact a California Family Lawyer at Claery & Hammond, LLP!

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